The Photographers 

Stefanie, Anna, & Lucas




Stefanie was born in the small town of Simmern in the countryside of western Germany. As a young woman, she followed her passion for art and studied painting and sculpture in Paris. From there, she discovered photography. Her understanding of traditional arts greatly influenced her photographic expression. In 2008, she was awarded the title of "Best of Honolulu" by the Honolulu Magazine.



Anna was born and raised in Hawaii. Taking after her mother, she developed an interest in photography early in in life. Her career in photography began as an employee in her mother’s company and continued as a student at Rocky Mountain School of Photography. In 2014, she and Stefanie decided to combine their skills and expertise. They now own and operate Absolutely Loved Photography together.



Like his sister, Lucas also grew up in Haleiwa, Hawaii, which is known for it’s natural beauty and massive surf. On the best days, Lucas surfs popular spots like Sunset, Backdoor, and V-land. He also possesses a natural talent for photography and enjoys working with people. Lucas is Absolutely Loved Photography’s primary assistant and second photographer.