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Stefanie and Anna Riedel are two extremely talented, warm-hearted and caring women. They have an absolute passion for what they do, which can be seen in every little aspect of their work. The outcome of our photos was more than we could have ever hoped for – stunning photography, capturing exactly what we felt and experienced throughout our most special day. I met Stefanie Riedel many years ago in Hawaii when I was still quite young and very far removed from the reality of getting married. From looking at Stefanie’s pictures back then, however, I very well knew that I didn’t want anyone else photographing my wedding but her. Many years later I knew exactly who to call and I am so glad I did. Even better? Her gorgeous daughter Anna had joined the team!

Stefanie and Anna travelled all the way out to Cape Town, South Africa, where we got married on Valentines Day in 2014. They arrived full of joy and excitement and shared in the anticipation that I felt for the big day.

These two ladies find the perfect balance in being professional and caring wholeheartedly about you as a bride and your special day. They listen to you and are willing to try out new things, but are also completely capable of taking charge, which is often what a bride wants on her wedding day. Enough decisions have been made already! J They make you feel so at ease throughout the shoot and have fun with you to make it memorable and enjoyable. And most importantly, they have an eye for photography that not many other wedding photographers have. Their work is stunning beyond words. I look back at our wedding photos all the time and every part of my body feels happy. Priceless memories captured in the most beautiful of ways. Thank you, Stefanie and Anna!
— Stella & Robin
Beach Wedding Photography

Oh goodness, how do we convey the depth & vastness of our gratitude within the confinement of this card? There’s no way to express the fullness of our thanks and appreciation for being our photographer for our wedding. You were such an integral part in making the day as magical & monumental it was. We feel so honored, blessed, fortunate, & privileged to have had you as our photographer. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful talent with us and for capturing the real, raw, heart of the moments in the loveliest of ways. We will forever be grateful to you for sharing your gift with us. I firmly believe the core of your gift is directly related to the beautiful soul you have & the kind of person you are... What an extraordinarily rare spirit you must have.

Thank you so much again for your kindness, talent, handwork, time, & effort you put into our wedding.
— With Love, Stephanie & Michael

I didn’t shop around when it came to my wedding photographers. From the beginning of my wedding planning I knew that Absolutely Loved were going to be the photographers to capture our wedding day. It was a pleasure working with Anna and Stephanie. They gave great advice for capturing moments that were important to us. We had wanted to do sparkler photos, and Stefanie and Anna had suggested edits to the timeline to create the best lighting for capturing the moment. I appreciated their attention to detail and professionalism. The photos from our wedding day turned out wonderful. You wouldn’t know from the photos, but it down-poured the entire day of our wedding, and Absolutely Loved managed to capture all of the highlights and beauty from the day. Absolutely Loved Photography was the best choice for me, and I have sent a few brides-to-be their way since!
— Elise

Wedding Cake By Upcountry Creations

I don’t even know where to begin when recommending Absolutely Loved. There are so many things to praise them for and I’m afraid that I couldn’t do them the justice that they deserve. What I can say is that these are the best photographers in Hawaii and they provide a service so special that you will not regret a moment of time spent with them.

My husband and I live in Australia and made the decision to have a destination wedding in Hawaii as I am from California and Hawaii is a good “halfway” point between our homes. I quickly learned that planning a wedding from another country was a bigger task than I had anticipated. A couple of things were VERY important to me (us, I should say, haha) such as; venue, photography, flowers and music, but finding the best of the best in these areas was becoming daunting.

Instagram, of course, was a regular contributor to the visions that I had in my head about what I wanted our day to look like. After seeing photos of a couple getting married under the row of royal palms at Dillingham Ranch, I knew that we couldn’t get married anywhere else. This led us straight to Anna and Stefanie and we couldn’t be more grateful!

From the start to finish of our wedding planning, day and post wedding, Anna and Stefanie were professional and completely clear on what we had in mind. They were able to organize a day that not only perfectly suited Mitch and I as a couple, but also incorporated their local knowledge of the best vendors in the industry and catered to a large group of out of town guests!

Every second of our wedding day was meticulously planned and I truly feel that they went above and beyond what their services required. Mitch and I will be forever grateful to these beautiful ladies for capturing moments that give me goosebumps every time I see them. You girls are so talented and wonderful.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts (a year and a half later because I’m a procrastinator). You will have a special place in our hearts and memories forever!
— Katie & Mitch

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