Absolutely Loved's Wedding Hair & Makeup Tips


Here are some hair and makeup tips to have you looking beautiful on your wedding day!

  • Address skin issues beforehand. This might be as simple as perfecting your at-home cleansing ritual and incorporating nightly face masks. For more serious issues, think about consulting a professional esthetician. 
  • Choose a color palette that compliments your eyes, skin tone, and wedding theme.
  • Plan for your wedding day hair style. If you are wanting long luscious locks to complete your bridal look, you may need to start incorporating hair masks and moisturizing treatments into your beauty routine months before, or maybe talk to your stylist about hair extensions. It is important to take into consideration wind and humidity when choosing your bridal hairstyle, but updos aren’t the answer to everything! Get creative by doing a half up/half down look, or wearing a floral crown to keep your locks in place during the photo taking.
  • We highly recommend doing a hair and makeup trial before the wedding if possible (and maybe take engagement photos the same day, hint hint!).  
  • Have a touch up kit handy (i.e. blotting tissue, extra lipstick, hair pins, hair spray, etc.)
  • Don’t forget about the groom! Most makeup artists can quickly coverup any unwanted blemishes or redness, ensuring that you are both looking great on your wedding day!